Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Some Other Boston-Area Restaurant Lists for 2010 (Part Two)

A couple of weeks ago, our sister site (Boston's Hidden Restaurants) published its Best Hidden Restaurants in the Boston Area for 2010 list. And last week, we wrote about a few other Best of 2010 Lists focusing on Boston-area restaurants, including lists put out by newspapers, magazines, food writers, and restaurant-related websites. This week, we have three more lists (four, actually, as two are from the same folks), which are mentioned below:

2010: Favorite Restaurants
One of our favorite Boston-area food and drink websites is The Passionate Foodie blog, and Richard A., the person behind the site, has just come out with his picks for favorite Boston-area restaurants for 2010. Included here are such spots as AKA Bistro in Lincoln, The Clam Box in Ipswich, Taranta in the North End, and Tupelo in Cambridge.

The Year in Taste
Devra First of The Boston Globe has reviewed a number of restaurants this year, with some spots getting some very good reviews from her. In this Globe article (which came out today), Devra talks about some of her favorite dishes of 2010, including those from some places for which she has given top reviews (Bergamot in Somerville, for instance). Among the dishes mentioned in the article are the pea green salad from the aforementioned Bergamot, the burger from Back Bay Social Club in Boston, the duck from Deuxave in the Back Bay, and the trout from Parsons Table in Winchester.

Phantom's Top Restaurant Picks For 2010
The Phantom Gourmet gives the restaurants it reviews a number rating, with relatively few getting above 85. In the video shown here, the Phantom mentions its four highest-rated dining spots for 2010, two of which have gotten ratings of 90 and 91. The Phantom Gourmet also has a video giving some general favorites from 2010, which can be found at this link: Phantom Gourmet's Top 2010 Picks.

Between these four links, the three links from last week's article, and the list put out by us, you should be able to find plenty of restaurants that have greatly impressed in 2010. If you have any favorites from the past year, feel free to comment below. Thanks, and have a Happy New Year!

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