Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Three Amigos Restaurant Opening in Rockland

It looks like a new Mexican restaurant will be opening south of Boston.

According to The Rockland Standard and Wicked Local, Three Amigos is going to open on Union Street in Rockland, taking over the space where Aygila used to be. The article mentions that the food at this new dining spot will feature authentic Mexican fare, along with live mariachi players Thursday through Sunday. Prices for entrees look to be under $15, with some meals being under $10, according to the article.

Three Amigos could be opening as early as later this week (the Rockland Standard article mentions an expected February 3 opening).

[March 8 update: According to several sources--including a poster on Chowhound--Three Amigos in Rockland is now open.]

The address for this new Mexican restaurant in Rockland is: Three Amigos, 323 Union Street, Rockland, MA, 02370.

For more information on the opening of Three Amigos in Rockland, please go to the Rockland Standard/Wicked Local link below.

A taste of Mexico: New restaurant opening in Rockland

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Blogger Talia said...

Just got home from Three Amigos on Union St in Rockland. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME GOING! It was BY FAR the worst meal I have ever had at a restaurant, let alone a Mexican restaurant. To begin with, the menu was nearly unreadable, with typos and a font only a hieroglyphics specialist could decipher.
I ordered the Chicken Fajitas and was presented with dry, burnt, hockey-puck-esque meat atop soggy, tasteless veggies. Sides included canned refried beans and dry rice. The menu indicated that the entree came with guacamole...this did not come, and I was charged extra for requesting it.
My mother got a Beef Enchilada and had the same problem...dry to the point of being inedible.
They do not have their liquor license (understandable for being such a new establishment), but a corona may have made the experience better.
The decor is that of a kindergarden classroom made to look "Mexican"...with craft gems glued to the walls and candle holders.
Our waitress was very attentive and kind, but rather confused...turns out she had applied at 11AM and was hired on the spot to serve at 5pm dinner.

Don't bother.

7:44 PM  
Blogger Frank said...

I have heard that a Mexican restuarant is now open in Rockland center. Well I was pleased since I love Mexican Slasa and food. I decided to call and place an order of Chili releano. I went and pick it up my self since the restaurant is just under two miles from my house, I paid $12.93 and left. When I arrived home and open the bag, I was very surprise to see hardly any food. There was four small chili and one small amount of black bean and rice, I mean may be a two table spoon each. The meal was just medicore and no flavor. I have news for the owner, you are not going to get rich overnight amigo, and if they continue to provide meals like this, I am sorry to say they will be out of business soon. Good luck!

4:40 PM  
Blogger 99redcobra said...

Just ate lunch at Tres Amigos. Tito our server was great and the food was EXCELLENT! They have a full liqour license now also. The weird thing is I tried calling their number from a land line and it told me the number was not in service. But if I call from my cell it works! Give them a try it was definitely worth it!

3:00 PM  

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