Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fugakyu Is Opening in Lynnfield

The folks behind several Asian restaurants in the Boston area are going to be opening another spot, with this one being north of the city.

According to the MarketStreet Lynnfield website, a new location of Fugakyu will be opening at the new open-air retail center, which is located near the intersection of Routes 128/95 and Walnut Street. Once it opens, the eatery will join the original Fugakyu in Brookline and a Fugakyu Cafe in Sudbury, along with two other affiliates--East Ocean City and Kaze Shabu Shabu Restaurant, both of which reside in Boston's Chinatown neighborhood. Expect to see sushi, rice and noodle dishes, and more at the new Fugakyu in Lynnfield.

[May 13, 2014 update: An email sent indicates that the new Fugakyu in Lynnfield plans to open sometime this summer.]

[July 25, 2014 update: A poster on the Twitter site mentions that Fugakyu has opened at MarketStreet Lynnfield. (A check on the restaurant's Facebook page indicates that it appears to be a soft opening.)]

The website for Fugakyu in Brookline can be found at http://www.fugakyu.net/ while the website for MarketStreet Lynnfield is at http://www.marketstreetlynnfield.com/

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