Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Cafe Gelato to Open at West of Chestnut in Quincy Center

Yet another new dining spot has announced that it will open in a brand new development in Quincy Center.

According to a press release, Cafe Gelato is planning to open at West of Chestnut, which is a luxury apartment complex by the corner of Chestnut Street and Cottage Avenue, behind Hancock Street on the eastern edge of the downtown area. The release says that the eatery--whose co-owner Denise Santini also runs Casa Razdora in downtown Bsoston--will offer artisan gelato along with salads, sandwiches, pastries, and coffee. (The other two owners are Giancarlo Baldini and Daniele Buzza.) If all goes as planned, Cafe Gelato could be opening in January of 2017.

Three other dining spots have announced that they will be opening at West of Chestnut as well--Shaking Crab, KKatie's Burger Bar, and Fuji.

The website for the West of Chestnut development can be found at (there doesn't appear to be a website yet for Cafe Gelato).

[December 20 update: Eater Boston states that Cafe Gelato is now aiming for a February 2017 opening, and that it has begun a Kickstarter to fund the purchase of equipment needed to produce and store gelato, along with tools for making coffee.]

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