Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Abbey Lounge in Somerville Closing at the End of November

The Abbey Lounge, a somewhat grungy but beloved rock and roll club located on Beacon Street in Somerville, is going to close its doors later this month.

According to the Boston Herald, fund-raising efforts by Boston-area bands failed to keep the historic Inman Square bar open, and it looks like it will shut down for good on November 28.

The final show at the Abbey Lounge will be held on Wednesday, November 26, and will include the bands The Acro-Brats, Auto Interiors, Jay Allen, The Coffin Lids, The Curses, The Konks, Muck and the Mires, Spitzz, The Sprained Ankles, The Tampoffs, and Triple Thick.

For more information on the closing of the Abbey Lounge, please go to the Boston Herald link below:

Abbey Lounge to Close This Month

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