Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Floating Rock Restaurant Moving from Revere to Cambridge

A highly rated Cambodian restaurant in Revere is going to be moving a bit closer to Boston. According to the restaurant's Facebook page, Floating Rock will make the move from 144 Shirley Avenue near Revere Beach to 485 Mass. Ave. in the Central Square section of Cambridge. Based on the floor plan posted on Facebook, the new Floating Rock restaurant should be larger than the Revere location, and the opening of the restaurant will probably happen soon, as they are accepting applications for a variety of jobs.

[March 25, 2011 update: According to the Thrillist site, the new Floating Rock Restaurant in Cambridge had been planning to have a soft opening today (thanks to Boston-area food/drinks writer MC Slim JB for bringing this to our attention), but based on a note from the restaurant that was forwarded to us via email, there is a delay in their opening due to a final inspection that still needs to be passed. As a result, it looks like the soft opening will be pushed back at least a couple more days; as soon as they get the ok to open, we will post an update here.]

[April 18, 2011 update: According to their Facebook page, Floating Rock is in the middle of a soft opening right now.]

Floating Rock, a casual, inexpensive place that features authentic Cambodian cuisine, has been favored by locals and foodies alike since its opening in the early part of the last decade.

The address for this new restaurant in Cambridge is: Floating Rock, 485 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA, 02139. The phone number is (617) 455-4009. And the website can be found at: http://floatingrockrestaurant.com/

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