Thursday, September 22, 2011

Village Fish in Needham to Be Replaced By Midtown Smokehouse and Grill

[Ed note: This article was edited on September 27 to reflect a name given to the new restaurant.]

A seafood restaurant in the western suburbs of Boston that has been in business for about four years is shutting down, with the owners reopening the spot as a barbecue joint.

Based on information from a job post within the Craigslist site and a poster on Chowhound, a new BBQ spot/smokehouse with a full bar is opening in Needham, taking over the space on Great Plain Avenue where Village Fish has been since 2007. The Chowhound poster indicates that the owners of Village Fish are also behind the new BBQ joint, which does not appear to have a name as of yet. [September 27 update: According to a more recent post on the same Chowhound thread, the name of the place will be Midtown Smokehouse and Grill.] The new spot may be opening next week, according to Craigslist.

[October 7 update: According to their Facebook page, Midtown Smokehouse and Grill opens its doors this evening.]

Village Fish has featured a variety of seafood items since opening in Needham in the fall of 2007. The restaurant had been located on Harvard Street in Brookline before making the move to Needham.

The address for Village Fish (and the new Midtown Smokehouse and Grill) in Needham is 970 Great Plain Avenue, Needham, MA, 02492. The website for Midtown Smokehouse and Grill will be at

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