Monday, January 23, 2012

Barney Fanning's Is Opening in Former J. A. Stats Space in Boston's Financial District

An Irish pub is getting ready to open in the Financial District of Boston, taking over the space where another restaurant and bar had been until closing recently.

According to their Facebook page, Barney Fanning's is going to be opening on Broad Street, moving into the former J. A. Stats spot at the Franklin Street intersection. The Facebook page for Barney Fanning's mentions that they had been hoping to open earlier this month, though their website still says "Coming Soon" and a more recent Facebook post says something about the pub possibly "having a Super Bowl Bash." Based on a post within J. A. Stats' Facebook page, their other location--Stats Bar & Grille on Dorchester Street in South Boston--will remain open and they will be accepting old gift cards at that location.

The name of the new pub comes from a person who was involved in the Broad Street Riot, a fight between firefighters and members of an Irish funeral procession that occurred in Boston in 1837.

[January 27 update: A call placed to the restaurant indicates that Barney Fanning's is now open.]

The address for the now-closed J. A. Stats (and new Barney Fanning's) is 99 Broad Street, Boston, MA, 02110. Their website can be found at

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Blogger cabey said...

The Broad Street Riot would be the best name ever for a restaurant! You couldn't get any better! ...last night was a riot.... At the Broad street riot.

12:57 PM  

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