Monday, June 24, 2013

Sichuan Gourmet House Opens in Newton

A new Chinese restaurant has opened in Newton, moving into the space where a Thai eatery had been.

According to a poster on the Chowhound site (and confirmed by the restaurant's website), Sichuan Gourmet House is now open on Beacon Street near the Walnut Street intersection, taking over the former Tom Yum Koong III spot (the other two locations of the Thai spot--in Arlington Heights and Medford--remain open). A few of the items on the Sichuan Gourmet House menu include sliced pork in garlic sauce, chives and egg pancake, dan-dan noodle, roasted duck, shredded chicken with asparagus, curry beef, Mongolian lamb, and clams in black bean sauce.

The address for this new Chinese dining spot in Newton is: Sichuan Gourmet House, 1138 Beacon Street, Newton, MA, 02461. Its website can be found at

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