Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Glenville Stops Coming to Allston

A new restaurant is being planned for Allston, and unlike most spots in this Boston neighborhood, this one may be an upscale place.

Universal Hub is reporting that Michael Chapman is looking to open The Glenville Stops, which one of his lawyers says would be "the highest-end restaurant ever in Allston." The Allston Civic Association supports the plans for the Glenville Avenue eatery, though the Boston Licensing Board still needs to approve of the liquor license transfer today, with the license being purchased from Positano Boston in Charlestown.

According to UH, the structure at the site of the proposed Glenville Stops is "a rat-infested, collapsing old building," so extensive renovations need to be done, though Chapman thinks that the new restaurant could be open by late August or early September (work is already being done on the spot).

[January 8, 2014 update: Eater Boston states (via The Improper Bostonian) that The Glenville Stops will offer both small and large plates, 20 beers on tap, and what looks to be an extensive wine list.]

[January 23, 2014 update: A new article from Eater Boston mentions that The Glenville Stops had been showing a menu (that has since been taken down) indicating that the restaurant might not be quite as high-end as originally thought (EB says the menu showed reasonably-priced comfort food items with international influences).]

[February 13, 2014 A new post from its Facebook page indicates that The Glenville Stops is planning to open on April 5.]

The address for this upcoming high-end dining spot in Allston is: The Glenville Stops, 87 Glenville Avenue, Allston, MA, 02134.

Thanks to Eater Boston for bringing this to our attention.

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