Monday, July 15, 2013

All Clover Locations Shut Down Until Further Notice Due to Salmonella Outbreak in Massachusetts

The person behind a local group of vegetarian food trucks and brick-and-mortar restaurants has decided to close all locations for the time being, due to a salmonella outbreak throughout the state.

Eater Boston is reporting that Ayr Muir of Clover has shut down all Clover locations in and around Boston until further notice while the CEO tries to figure out more about the outbreak while having the trucks and restaurants go through a complete cleaning. A post on Clover's site mentions that "Some of the confirmed cases ate at Clover over the course of the days leading up to their illness," and that "The most recent case they know about was from 6/27/13." Muir also mentions that they will be taking a look at the ingredients they use as well as their suppliers, and that all "appropriate Clover employees" are being tested for salmonella.

As soon as we learn more (including when the Clover locations might reopen), we will post an update here.

[July 16 update: A new post on the Clover site today states that it has been "19 days since the last confirmed case of exposure" and that the "outbreak has resulted in no hospitalizations," but Ayr Muir says all Clover locations remain closed until further notice while they continue to test, clean, and investigate.]

[July 17 update: Clover remains closed until further notice (this will be the last update until they reopen).]

[July 22 update: A Twitter post from Clover over the weekend indicates that it is hoping to reopen on Wednesday (July 24).]

[July 23 update: The Boston Globe's Restaurant Hub blog has confirmed that Clover will reopen tomorrow (Wednesday, July 24), with free coffee given out at breakfast and free rosemary fries offered at lunch at all of their locations.]

[July 24 update: Clover has encountered a slight delay in its reopening, so it won't be opening until Thursday now.]

Clover's trucks can be found in Boston and Cambridge, while their brick-and-mortar locations are in Cambridge's Harvard Square and Inman Square along with Burlington and Brookline. The website for Clover is at

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