Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Best Hidden Restaurants of 2005 is up on the Site!

I finally got around to finishing up the Best Boston Restaurants of 2005 list and have it on the site now. Some great restaurants here, including O'Sullivan's in Somerville and Apsara in Providence, which might be my favorite restaurant in New England.

Does anyone else have any favorite restaurants that they have been to in 2005? If so, drop me a line; hopefully I can check some of these restaurants out in 2006...


Thursday, November 10, 2005

Great Japanese Restaurant in Roslindale

I went to the Village Sushi and Grille in Roslindale last night once again. This is a great restaurant; one of the best Japanese restaurants in Boston. Last night, I got the spicy yaki soba with chicken. It was incredible. The miso soup was excellent, too, as was the shiraz wine. All in all, the Village Sushi and Grill is a place worth seeking out if you like Japanese food. It's in the heart of Roslindale Square, near a bunch of other good restaurants.