Monday, March 30, 2015

Frost Ice Bar in Boston Rebranding, Becoming Frost Ice Loft

The first "ice bar" in New England is no longer just an ice bar, as it is now in the midst of a rebranding.

Based on a Twitter conversation between @CappyinBoston and the place, Frost Ice Bar at Boston's Faneuil Hall is now called Frost Ice Loft, with the change in name coming about because it is "Time to lose the stigma of just being a 'bar' & building a new warm event space, so loft is more fitting!" Changes include the fact that there is now no time limit for customers (previously, patrons could stay in the bar for no longer than 45 minutes) and the cover charge is now $12 (including parka and gloves), as opposed to $19 when it first opened. According to its website, "Family Friendly Hours" are 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM while it is 21+ from 5:00 PM to closing time, and no reservations are needed.

Frost, which first opened in August of 2013, is constructed and furnished entirely of ice.

[July 10 update: According to a press release, Frost Ice Loft has officially debuted, with a new drink menu and extensive upgrades to the bar area taking place. In addition, it also has a new (room temperature) space called The Galley, which will focus on private events--including corporate, arts-based, children's, and non-profit events.]

The address for Frost Ice Loft is 200 State Street (Faneuil Hall Marketplace), Boston, MA, 02109. Its website can be found at

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