Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project to End Production

A "gypsy" brewery whose beers have consistently been seen as some of the best in the region has decided to call it a day.

According to a blog post from the brewery, Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project is ending production of its beers, saying that it "is drawing to a close...it's time to draw the curtains and head off to a new adventure. A poorly drawn grain of barley called Jack D'Or made this whole thing possible. He'll be coming with us." The post ends with a note saying that its final batches will be shipped over the next two weeks and that their beers will be available until at least January of 2016.

[December 7 update: A Facebook update from the brewery indicates that they are having a farewell celebration this week, with events taking place tonight, tomorrow night, and Wednesday night (the Wednesday night event at The Independent in Somerville is labeled their "farewell party").]

Owners Dann and Martha Paquette first started Pretty Things approximately seven years ago and have produced such beers as Baby Tree, Fluffy White Rabbits, Grampus Hoppy Golden Double Mash, Jack D'or, Saint Botolph's Town, and more.

The website for Pretty Things can be found at http://prettybeer.com/

Thanks to Drew Starr for initially bringing this to our attention.

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