Monday, January 18, 2016

News Elsewhere: Amid Lawsuits, Sally's Apizza in New Haven Remains Up for Sale, Faces Uncertain Future

In the spring of 2014, we reported that one of the highest-rated pizzerias in New England could be up for sale. Now we have learned that the possible sale of the eatery--and the controversy surrounding it--is causing some to wonder about the future of the place.

The New York Times states that a dispute about the possible sale of Sally's Apizza in New Haven has led to lawsuits, with an earlier article from the New Haven Register mentioning that the suits stem from the owners of the Wooster Street pizzeria saying no to a high offer of $3.1 million offer from a group named Al Dente, instead picking another, unnamed, bidder. Carmine and Vincenzo Capasso of Al Dente filed a lawsuit against Sally's in late 2014, with a Connecticut Superior Court judge siding with the pizza place; the Capasso brothers appealed the judge's decision but the judge subsequently lifted a hold on the selling of Sally's which allows the owners to sell it to someone else (the Register says that a second lawsuit has been filed against Al Dente by the people behind Sally's as well). No deal has been reached as of yet on the pizzeria, though the owners have been talking to people who have been interested in purchasing the place.

Both articles says that Pepe's--a renowned pizza spot that is on the same street and is run by cousins of the people who own Sally's--had also placed a bid for Sally's in 2014, but their bid was not among the highest ones and it appears that Pepe's is apparently no longer interested, saying it is a "dead issue" for them, according to the Register.

Sally's Apizza first opened its doors in 1938, serving pizza cooked in a coal-fire oven like its neighbor Pepe's; while Pepe's is known in part for its clam pizza, Sally's is a place that many go to for its tomato pie. Both Pepe's and Sally's are considered among the best pizzerias in all of New England--if not the entire country--and both have been visited by celebrities of all kinds over the years.

The address for Sally's Apizza is 237 Wooster Street, New Haven, CT, 06511. Its website can be found at

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News Elsewhere: Sally's Apizza in New Haven May Be Sold

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