Thursday, September 08, 2016

Plans to Open Prospect in Cambridge's Central Square Appear to Have Fallen Through

It looks like a long-delayed dining spot and nightclub in Cambridge may be finished before it even got started.

According to a License Commission Hearing Agenda page within the city's website, Prospect is now facing cancellation of its liquor license because of non-use, which may signal the end of the line for the Central Square spot which was first proposed in 2011, but which has never opened. As reported earlier, the restaurant and club--which was looking to open by the corner of Prospect Street and Mass. Ave.--was originally going to be called Valhalla and was more of less slated to be a reopening of All Asia Bar on the other side of Central Square, with that club ultimately losing its home in 2013 to make way for redevelopment by MIT. (All Asia first announced that it would be closing back in 2011.) In 2014, it was reported that construction on Prospect came to a standstill because the funds needed to open it were unable to be raised, and the possibility of its license being taken away was brought up at that point in time.

The address for Prospect was to have been 675 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA, 02139.

[October 5 update: Any remaining hope for Prospect to open is dimming, as a new License Commission Hearing Agenda page indicates that a transfer of its liquor license to Patty Chen's Dumpling Room has been requested. (Marc Shulman--who is the manager listed--is one of the people behind Patty Chen's, and he has also been behind the proposed Prospect.) In addition, the premise description for Patty Chen's is being changed, though it is not known if this will include a name change, since the restaurant is not specifically named in the listing.]

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