Friday, September 24, 2010

The Art of the Burger to Open in Brookline

A new burger place is going to be opening in Brookline, and it will feature hamburgers named after artists.

According to Brookline Patch, The Art of the Burger plans to open on Commonwealth Avenue where Mattress Discounters used to be (on the Boston line, at the West Campus of Boston University). The Patch particle states that a number of burgers will be offered, including a Da Vinci burger and a Van Gogh burger. An article in Grub Street Boston mentions that The Art of the Burger will be a place for upscale hamburgers.

The address for this upcoming burger place in Brookline will be: The Art of the Burger, 872 Commonwealth Avenue, Brookline, MA, 02445.

For more information on The Art of the Burger, please go to the Brookline Patch and Grub Street Boston links below.

[Brookline Patch]
French, Thai and Japanese: New Tastes Coming, and Returning, to Brookline

[Grub Street Boston]
The Art of the Burger Readies on Comm Ave

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