Friday, April 05, 2013

Barcade (Combination Beer Bar/Arcade) Is Eyeing the Boston Area

A New York-based group of spots featuring beer and video games could be coming to the Boston area at some point.

Boston Magazine is reporting that Paul Kermizian, who is the founder and co-operator of Barcade, is considering the possibility of opening a location somewhere in Boston or possibly Cambridge or Somerville. In the article, Kermizian states that "Boston is definitely a place that's on the top of our list—not the very top—but in the next few cities we [open bars in], we would like to think of moving there" and that "We have a couple of other places in mind first, but Boston would probably be one of the next two or three after [the opening of a new location in Manhattan]."

Barcade, which first started out in Brooklyn in about nine years ago, features craft beers as well as classic arcade games. In addition to its Brooklyn location, outlets of the place can also be found in Jersey City and Philadelphia. (The Manhattan location will be on the "West Side" of the borough and should be opening sometime this year.)

Thanks to the Boston Hospitality and Tourism Industry Blog for bringing this to our attention.

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