Thursday, October 26, 2006

Another Great Meal at Sala Thai, Arlington

We stopped by Sala Thai in Arlington Heights last night for dinner. I have been there several times, and have never been disappointed there. And once again, I was very satisfied with the food.

Sala Thai is a smallish, almost romantic place on Mass. Ave. in the heights. The family who owns it is extremely nice, and they definitely know their Thai food. We had a drunken noodle entree as well as a hot basil, chicken and rice dish. Both were excellent, as were the miso and Tom Yum Goong soups. And both the syrah and pinot grigio wines were outstanding.

Arlington has some good Thai restaurants, including Thai Moon and Sweet Chili, but I find myself going to Sala Thai more than the others. Perhaps it's the nicer atmosphere or the fact that the people there are so friendly. It is definitely worth trying out if you haven't been there yet.

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