Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Classic India in Quincy Still Rules!

photo of Classic India, Quincy, MAWe headed to Classic India in Quincy over the weekend. This is about my 10th time there, and while the last time was slightly less than impressive, our meals on Saturday night were outstanding once again.

We had a number of items, all of which were delicious. We started with mulligatawny soup, moved on to a basket of naan, then enjoyed some chicken tikka masala and chicken saagwala.

Boston's Hidden Restaurants is currently trying to organize a list of best restaurants of 2006. While Classic India won best Indian food in 2005, it has come up against some strong competition in the Himalayan Bistro in West Roxbury and Kebab Factory in Somerville, among other dining spots. But Classic India may just continue its reign this year; viewers will soon find out, as the list should be out shortly.


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Paul Wilczynski said...

The reason it's always empty (aside from the fact it's hard to find) is that the place is dirty (take a look at the windows and the rug) and the employees are not at all friendly.

The best Indian restaurant in Quincy is Punjab Cafe, 653 Southern Artery (in my opinion, of course).