Thursday, October 12, 2006

Good Football Food at Tennessee's in Braintree

A few of us grabbed some food at Tennessee's in Braintree for watching the Patriots game last Sunday. The last time I went to Tennessee's, I made the mistake of getting a sandwich; it was not very good at all. So I wasn't expecting much on Sunday when we placed our order, but the food we got at Tennessee's turned out to be really good this time (probably because we avoided the sandwiches!). We got some delicious ribs, which were lean and cooked through pretty well (if you like fatty ribs that are cooked a little less, you might not like the ones here). We also got chicken, which was good, too. Finally, I ordered a BBQ steak burrito, which was terrific--tasty beef and good sauces made it very nice.

I don't think Tennessee's will ever approach the level of, say, Blue Ribbon BBQ in Arlington and West Newton, but depending on what you order there, it can be a pretty satisfying experience.