Saturday, November 18, 2006

Wings, Beer, and Peanuts at Donohue's in Watertown, Then a Coyote Sighting

My usual Friday night crew and I went to Donohue's in Watertown last night for some good conversation over a few beers, a couple of servings of peanuts, and some wings. As usual, it was a good time had by all at this great pub situated on a back street near UPS and the Arsenal Mall.

Later that night, however, I was driving along Route 60 through Arlington when I saw what I thought was a mangy dog sauntering down the middle of the road. As I approached, it moved to the side, and I noticed that it was a full-sized coyote. The nasty-looking animal just looked at me, then continued to head toward Arlington Center.

I guess this should be a warning to Arlington residents to keep their cats inside, at least for the next few days!

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