Friday, May 11, 2007

Lynn: A Destination for Dining?

People don't generally think of Lynn as a place to go when they are looking to dine out. But this seaside city just north of Boston has a number of decent restaurants, most of which are casual and reasonably priced.

As viewers of Boston's Hidden Restaurants know, we are big fans of Monte's on Eastern Avenue. Monte's is a local family restaurant that has extraordinary "bar" pizza (personal-sized pizza with a cracker-like crust) and other decent entrees. If you like pizza, Monte's should be on your short list of places to go.

Another restaurant in Lynn that is worth checking out is Tacos Lupita on Munroe Street in the downtown area. Tacos Lupita, which has other locations around Boston, including one in Somerville, has excellent El Salvadorean and Mexican food at ridiculously cheap prices.

So what are some other Lynn restaurants that you might want to look into? A few that I have heard about that have gotten good reviews are listed below:

--Mandee's, Goodridge Street (pizza)
--Porthole Pub, Lynnway (American cuisine)
--Christie's Restaurant, Lynnway (seafood joint)
--Hayward's, Lynnfield Street (American cuisine in a lakefront setting)
--Gulu-Gulu Cafe, Central Square (European-style cafe)

If you have been to any of these restaurants, please post a message to let me know what you thought of them. Thanks!