Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New Section on Unreviewed Boston and New England Restaurants

Boston's Hidden Restaurants (the site I founded) is in the process of creating a new section to the site. It is a section on Unreviewed Restaurants in Boston and New England that nevertheless seem like they may be good fits for our site.

Through lots of research, word of mouth, and postings and emails from our readers, we have compiled an initial batch of restaurants in Boston and New England that seem to correspond with the main theme of our site: Restaurants that aren't all that well-known (especially to Bostonians), but are places where folks might have a good dining experience.

There are literally thousands of restaurants in the region, so what we are doing is finding truly unique spots, whether it be a specific dish (such as the johnnycakes at The Commons Lunch in Little Compton, RI), a beautiful setting (such as the grounds surrounding the Pond House Cafe in West Hartford, CT), or a cozy, romantic environment (such as the grounds surrounding the Vienna Restaurant in Southbridge, MA).

As the weeks go on, we will be adding many more restaurants to this section, and we are hoping to try some of them along the way. We are definitely excited about this new section, as it will give readers the opportunity to easily find hidden restaurants that we have not been to yet.