Thursday, June 28, 2007

Going on Vacation? Try These Resources for Restaurants!

It is almost July 4, and with it, vacation time for many people in Boston and New England. And more than a few vacationers will be traveling far from home, to different parts of the country.

Whenever I travel to California, New York, Washington, D.C., or elsewhere, I typically use a couple of Web sites that allow me to ask those in the know about good restaurants in these areas. One of these sites, which many, many people use these days, is Chowhound. This site is basically a huge forum where you can ask people about restaurants in nearly any part of the country.

Another, lesser-known site, is also a forum. It is called, and it is based in the Chicago area, but a section of the site is dedicated to restaurants in other parts of the United States. I find that people who frequent this site really know their stuff when it comes to restaurants in around the country.

The URL for Chowhound is, and the site for is