Monday, August 18, 2008

Marliave Opens; Thai Village Closes

Two more changes have come to the Boston restaurant scene over the past few days.

Marliave, a local landmark on Bosworth Street in downtown Boston, has re-opened under new management (it is now owned by the folks who own Grotto). First opened back in the 1880s, Marliave is now up and running once again, with extensive restorations made to the historic building. The upstairs section of the restaurant will feature continental cuisine, while the downstairs section will be feature more traditional American fare.

Thai Village, a tiny restaurant on Tremont Street in the South End of Boston, has shut its doors. Thai Village was a nice option for locals who yearned for good, cheap Thai cuisine and wanted an alternative to the excellent House of Siam, the South End's other Thai restaurant. No word on what will be going into the spot as of yet...