Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nick Varano's Famous Deli Opens in the North End

The owner of Strega, a popular Italian restaurant in the North End of Boston, has opened another dining spot in the same neighborhood, this one focusing on sandwiches. Nick Varano's Famous Deli opened earlier this month on Cross Street (near Endicott Street and the Haymarket T stop), on the edge of the North End and within walking distance of Strega, which is on the other end of the neighborhood on Hanover Street.

Classic deli sandwiches are the main focus at Nick Varano's Famous Deli, with names of celebrities, athletes, and others attached to sandwiches--examples include "Rodney Dangerfield's Smash Hit" (corned beef), "Don Rickles' Favorite" (pastrami), "Mike Lowell's Home Run" (Cubano), and "Lorraine Bracco's Favorite" (tuna melt). Diners can also have custom-made sandwiches, choosing from a variety of meats, cheeses, veggies, breads, condiments, and more. Soups and salads are available at Nick Varano's Famous Deli, as are desserts.

The owner of Strega and Nick Varano's Famous Deli also owns Nico Ristorante, another Hanover Street restaurant that is a few doors down from Strega.

The address for this new sandwich place in the North End of Boston is: Nick Varano's Famous Deli, 66 Cross Street, Boston, MA, 02113. The phone number is (617) 391-0050.

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