Friday, October 16, 2009

Park Plaza's Bonfire to Become Pairings

A high-end steakhouse that had made its home in the Park Plaza Hotel (and was run by a well-known chef) for most of this decade until closing this summer will soon be home to another dining spot, this one featuring more affordable cuisine. According to the Boston Herald, Todd English's Bonfire has given way to a contemporary American restaurant called Pairings. The Herald mentions that the new dining spot will focus on $3 to $12 "snacks" that diners can share and sample, and it will also offer soup, salads, and a handful of entrees.

Pairings, which looks to open next Thursday, will have a fresh new interior that includes an outdoor patio. [October 22 Update: According to Pairings' Twitter page, the restaurant will be opening on Monday, October 26.]

The address for this soon-to-open restaurant will be: Pairings, 50 Park Plaza, Boston, MA, 02116.

For more information on the opening of Pairings in the Park Plaza Hotel, please go to the Boston Herald link below:

Pairings lightens up Park Square fare

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