Monday, November 30, 2009

Two More Boston Restaurant Openings: Whiskey Priest, The Citizen

A couple more restaurants may be coming to Boston, though it appears that both places are in the very early stages of planning, with little or no information on either one at this point.

The first restaurant (and bar) looks to be called The Whiskey Priest, and it will be opening at some point at 150 Northern Avenue in the Seaport District of Boston. The Whiskey Priest will be replacing a spot called the Seaport Bar and Grille, which has been at this location for a number of years. [April 16 update: According to UrbanDaddy Boston, The Whiskey Priest is having a soft opening tonight.]

The second restaurant may go by the name The Citizen, with its tentative location at 1330 Boylston Street in the heart of the Fenway neighborhood of Boston (just south of Fenway Park). 1330 Boylston is a mixed-use complex with luxury apartments as well as retail space on the ground floor (a location of the Upper Crust Pizzeria is in the building).

[December 11 update: According to the Boston Herald, one of the owners of The Franklin Cafe in the South End is behind the proposed opening of The Citizen, which will likely be a similar restaurant to The Franklin, although a bit less expensive. The article mentions that, if approved, the restaurant could have up to 80 seats plus an outdoor dining area.]

[October 22 update: According to BostonTweet, Citizen Public House and Oyster Bar is going to be opening tomorrow evening (Saturday, October 23). A picture of the new restaurant can be found through BostonTweet's Twitpic account here:]

Thanks to the EveryBlock Boston website for bringing both of these places to our attention.

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