Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Chang Feng in Brockton Closes, Is Replaced by Beijing Kitchen

A popular Chinese restaurant in Brockton that was in business for a quarter century has closed, with a new Chinese eatery moving into the spot. According to The Enterprise of Brockton, the owners of Chang Feng have decided to retire, closing their Belmont Street restaurant this fall. Chang Feng had a big local following in this old industrial city south of Boston, and was known as a friendly spot that served good food at reasonable prices.

A new restaurant called Beijing Kitchen has moved into the former Chang Feng space in November, featuring a variety of Szechuan and Mandarin fare. Beijing Kitchen is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner and also does catering.

The address for Beijing Kitchen (and the now-closed Chang Feng) is 379 Belmont Street (Route 123) in Brockton. The phone number for the new restaurant is (508) 587-5993. And the website is at: http://beijing-kitchen.com/

For more information on the closing of Chang Feng and the opening of Beijing Kitchen in Brockton, please go to The Enterprise link below:

Brockton's Chang Feng restaurant to close

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Blogger Johnson said...

Beijing Kitchen's menu is an item-for-item copy of ChinaTown's (Brockton & Stoughton) menu.

11:16 AM  

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