Wednesday, December 30, 2009

News Elsewhere: Tavern On The Green in Manhattan Is Closing

A high-end Manhattan restaurant that was once the highest grossing dining spot in the entire United States is shutting its doors this week.

According to the Associated Press, NPR, and a number of other sources, Tavern on the Green in the Upper West Side of New York City will be serving its last meal tomorrow (New Year's Eve) after being in business since the mid-1930s. Tavern on the Green, which filed for bankruptcy in September, had been earning nearly $40 million and serving more than 700,000 meals per year as recently as three years ago, according to the NPR/Associated Press article.

It is possible that a restaurant may be reopening as early as March in the Tavern on the Green Space, which lies at the western edge of Central Park near W 66th Street and just east of Lincoln Center. According to the article, the owner of the Loeb Boathouse restaurant (which overlooks a lake in the heart of Central Park) had been awarded a 20-year license on the space, which is owned by the city of New York, during the summer. The name of the restaurant could remain Tavern on the Green, depending on a Manhattan federal judge's decision in January that centers around an intellectual property/trademark issue. If the judge rules against the city, the new restaurant may be named Tavern in the Park.

For more information on the closing of Tavern on the Green, please go to the NPR link below:

NY's Tavern On The Green Restaurant Bites The Dust

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