Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Doc's Long Wharf Appears to Be Coming to the Boston Waterfront

A new restaurant along the Boston waterfront may be on the way, now that the Department of Environmental Protection has rejected a challenge to stop construction on the place. According to the Boston Herald, the DEP ruled late last week in favor of the building of Doc's Long Wharf, a seafood restaurant that Eat Drink Laugh Restaurant Group wants to open (this is the same group behind the 21st Amendment, a dining spot on Beacon Hill).

The Herald mentions that a couple of years ago, some North End residents challenged the building of the restaurant, stating that the space where the Long Wharf Pavilion sits was protected and should not be commercialized. (The Long Wharf Pavilion is located at the end of the wharf, across from the New England Aquarium and a short distance up from the Chart House restaurant.)

Based on the decision by the DEP, Doc's Long Wharf could be open in time for the 2010 tourist season, according to the article.

[May 5, 2011 update: According to The Boston Herald, Doc's Long Wharf restaurant is meeting up with resistance by some in the North End, and in fact there is a lawsuit (filed last fall) to keep the restaurant from opening. The Herald mentions that a Suffolk Superior Court judge will be making a decision on the lawsuit, but for now, there appears to be a question as to whether Doc's will be able to open in this spot.]

For more information on the approval of the building of Doc's Long Wharf restaurant along the Waterfront, please go to the Boston Herald link below:

State OKs Long Wharf restaurant

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