Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dosa Factory Eyeing Second Location in Waltham

An Indian eatery in Cambridge that focuses on dosas is planning to open a second spot in Waltham. According to both Zagat and India New England, Dosa Factory will be coming to Moody Street in this western suburb of Boston with the likely opening date being sometime later this winter or in the spring. India New England mentions that unlike the original Dosa Factory on Mass. Ave. in Cambridge's Central Square (which shares its space with Shalimar India Food and Spices), the Waltham location will have a waitstaff as well as counter service. And as is the case with the Cambridge Dosa Factory, the new location in Waltham will also be sharing its space, as Pabla Sweet House will be residing in that spot as well.

[November 3 update: Based on an article--and a photo--from Wicked Local's Brand New Watch blog, the new Dosa Factory in Waltham appears to be getting ready to open, as the sign for the place is up and the storefront design looks like it has been completed. We will post another update as soon as we hear that it is officially open.]

[July 28, 2011 update: A sign in the window states that Dosa Factory is coming soon, but it is still not open.]

Dosa Factory opened in Cambridge in 2009, bringing to Central Square a dining spot that is centered around the concept of Southern Indian street food. Dosas, which are rice and lentil pancakes stuffed with various fillings, are the main feature of the Cambridge (and soon, Waltham) Dosa Factory, but the menu also includes other Indian dishes.

The address for the Cambridge Dosa Factory is: Dosa Factory, 571 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA, 02139. The address for the soon-to-open Dosa Factory in Waltham will be: Dosa Factory, 434 Moody Street, Waltham, MA, 02453.

For more information on the opening of Dosa Factory in Waltham, please go to the Zagat and India New England links below:

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