Monday, January 04, 2010

Two New Restaurants May Be Coming to Allston: Ariana Cuisine, Basil Asia Cafe

It looks like two more new restaurants may be coming to the Allston neighborhood of Boston at some point, and each of them will apparently be moving into spots where other restaurants have been.

According to EveryBlock Boston, a restaurant called Ariana Cuisine from Afghanistan may be opening at 127-129 Brighton Avenue in Allston. 129 Brighton Avenue has also been home to Dawat Fine Indian Cuisine; at this point in time we are unsure whether Dawat will become Ariana Cuisine under the same ownership or whether Dawat is being replaced by this restaurant. We will post updates as we get them, so keep checking back.

Also according to the EveryBlock Boston site, a restaurant called Basil Asia Cafe might be opening at 433 Cambridge Street on the other side of Allston Village. 433 Cambridge Street has been home to Bo Thai Cafe, so again, we are not sure at this point in time whether this is simply a name change under the same ownership, a more substantial change but with the same ownership, or simply a new restaurant replacing Bo Thai Cafe. Again, we will continue to do research to find more information on Basil Asia Cafe over the coming weeks.

Thanks once again to the EveryBlock Boston site for all of the information they post on potential new restaurants coming to the Boston area. If you would like to check out their site, they are at:

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