Wednesday, June 02, 2010

b.good Buys an Ice Cream Truck, Will Pass Out Free Shakes This Summer

A quirky local chain of burger places has just become a little more quirky.

According to their Facebook page, b.good has purchased an ice cream truck and is in the process of getting it ready for the road. The used vehicle has passed inspection and will be painted black, covered in flames, and given b.good logos over the coming days. A contest is being held this week to decide on the name of the truck, with the picture of the person who picks the winning name shown on the vehicle.

Once the ice cream truck is ready to roll, it will hit the road, with the b.good folks in the vehicle passing out free shakes to people in the Boston area this summer.

b.good currently has three locations in the Back Bay of Boston, one in Brookline, one in the Harvard Square section of Cambridge, and one at Legacy Place in Dedham. Two new spots will soon be opening in downtown Boston and Hingham.

[June 10 update: According to their Facebook page, the b.good ice cream truck (named Harvey) was "born" today at 2:00 PM. Photo: Harvey the Ice Cream Truck]

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