Monday, July 12, 2010

News Elsewhere: Wine Vending Machines Come to Pennsylvania

Don't expect them to come to Massachusetts anytime soon, but wine vending machines have become reality a couple of states away from us.

According to the Associated Press, Pennsylvania has become the first state in the country to allow wine kiosks, thanks in part to the state's rather complicated liquor laws. The first two vending machines were introduced within grocery stores, with the possibility of their being placed in approximately 100 other stores depending on how well the machines do.

The process itself is relatively simple; according to the AP, a person picks a bottle of wine via a touch-screen display, swipes his or her driver's license, looks into a surveillance camera, and blows into a breathalyzer. If all goes well, the person is then able to purchase a bottle of wine from the machine.

The AP article mentions that the president of Simple Brands (the company that provides the kiosks) sees the possibility of the wine vending machines coming to other states at some point in the future.

For more information on wine vending machines coming to Pennsylvania, please go to the Associated Press link below (via MSNBC).

Swipe, smile, blow: Pa. has wine vending machines

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