Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Grezzo May Be Reopening in Boston's North End

While not a done deal by any means, there is a chance that a now-closed vegan restaurant in Boston's North End may be reopening, though with a slightly different theme.

According to Universal Hub, the owner of Grezzo on Prince Street is thinking of possibly opening the restaurant once again, though if it does reopen, it will focus on "natural food" rather than raw food. The article mentions that the owner of Grezzo is also considering selling the restaurant as a second option. The Boston Licensing Board is going to give her a month to decide on which option to take.

Grezzo first opened in early 2008, featuring vegan dishes such as seaweed salad, maki rolls, falafel wraps, and veggie burgers. A second location in Newburyport opened about a year ago, but closed this past spring when the North End location also shut down.

If it does reopen, the address for Grezzo will be: Grezzo, 69 Prince Street, Boston, MA, 02113.

For more information on the possible reopening of Grezzo, please go to the Universal Hub link below.

Shuttered raw-food restaurant in the North End could reopen - but with cooked food this time

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