Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Plans in Place for 2011 Reopening of Fenway's Restaurant Row

Nearly two years after being destroyed in a devastating fire, the Fenway neighborhood's "restaurant row" is on track to exist once again, with three of the former restaurants returning to the area.

According to The Boston Globe, the property owner of the stretch of Peterborough Street that had been leveled in January of 2009 has set plans in place to bring back several independent dining spots to the block, which is between Kilmarnock Street and Jersey Street, a few blocks south of Fenway Park. The article states that restaurants returning to the block include El Pelon Taqueria, Rod Dee Thai Cuisine, and Thornton's Fenway Grill, though it appears that Greek Isles Restaurant, Sorento's Italian Gourmet, and Umi Japanese Restaurant will not be coming back to Peterborough Street.

The Globe article mentions that the building may be ready by February or March of 2011, with restaurants hopefully opening three months (or less) after that.

[February 14, 2011 update: According to Theo Associates and Universal Hub, El Pelon Taqueria, Rod Dee Thai Cuisine, and Thornton's Fenway Grill, along with four new restaurants, are all planning to open in June of 2011. The new restaurants will apparently be Swish Shabu, Fenway Phoenix Cafe, an as-of-yet unnamed pizzeria, and possibly a bricks-and-mortar branch of Speed's Hot Dogs, though this is definitely up in the air.]

[December 6, 2011 update: According to Thrillist, it looks like Thornton's may be opening this Friday (December 9). Concerning the other dining spots on "restaurant row," El Pelon Taqueria is up and running as well, but the others have yet to open.]

[December 12, 2011 update: Thornton's is now open.]

For more information on the reopening of the Fenway neighborhood's restaurant row, please go to the Boston Globe article below.

Fenway's Restaurant Row set to rise from ashes in spring