Monday, February 28, 2011

Results of Twitter Donut Poll

Our latest Twitter poll has just wrapped up, with this poll focusing on the best donuts in the Boston area. Our previous polls have included a pad Thai poll (Brown Sugar Cafe in Boston won), a bagel poll (Bagel Rising/Espresso Royale in Boston), a French fry poll (The Publick House in Brookline), a steak tip poll (NewBridge Cafe in Chelsea), a bread poll (When Pigs Fly in various locations), a coffee poll (Boston Common Coffee in Boston), a meatball poll (Comella's in various locations), a sushi poll (Douzo in the Back Bay), a cupcake poll (Sweet Cupcakes in the Back Bay and Harvard Square), a steak and cheese poll (Carl's in Waltham), an ice cream poll (Richardson's in Middleton), a roast beef poll (Nick's Famous Roast Beef in Beverly), a chicken wing poll (Buff's Pub in Newton), a macaroni and cheese poll (Fat Cat in Quincy), a fried clam poll (JT Farnham's in Essex), an onion ring poll (Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage in Cambridge), a hot dog poll (Spike's Junkyard Dogs), a pizza poll (Santarpio's in East Boston), a burger poll (Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage), and a lobster roll poll (Neptune Oysters in the North End). Below are the results of the Twitter donut poll:

1) Kane's, Saugus (29%)
2) Linda's, Belmont (10%)
3) Dunkin' Donuts, various locations (7%)
3) Twin Donuts, Allston (7%)
3) Verna's, Cambridge (7%)

Some other spots were picked in the Twitter donut poll, including Anna's (West Roxbury), Better Donuts (Barrington, NH), Betty Ann Food Shop (East Boston), Cafe Mirror (Brighton), Donna's (Tewksbury), Donut City (Lynn), Downyflake (Nantucket), Gail Ann Coffee Shop (Arlington), Mike's (Mission Hill), Ohlin's Bakery (Belmont), Payne's Dock (Block Island, RI), Pulse Cafe (Somerville), Top Donut (Lowell), Towne Stove and Spirits (Back Bay), Ziggy's (Salem), and Zume's Coffee House (Charlestown).

Thanks to everyone who has voted in our Twitter polls. We will start another poll in the couple of weeks, so keep checking back on our Twitter page at

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