Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spike's Junkyard Dogs and Stack-a Burger Opening at the Burlington Mall

A Rhode Island-based group of hot dog places that has three locations in the Boston area is getting ready to open a fourth spot near the city, and this one will be partnering with a new burger spot.

According to a job post within the Craigslist site, Spike's Junkyard Dogs is planning to open at the food court within the Burlington Mall, while an earlier Burlington Patch article mentions that the eatery will be teaming up with a brand new spot called Stack-a Burger. The new burger concept will focus on inexpensive quality burgers, with customers being able to stack as many patties as they wish on a bun. An array of toppings will be available, and curly fries, salads, and salad wraps will also be offered, as well as a breakfast menu. Spike's Junkyard Dogs will feature everything offered at their locations in Boston's Back Bay, Allston, and Somerville's Davis Square, including all-beef hot dogs served with a variety of toppings.

The Craigslist post states that the new Spike's Junkyard Dogs and Stack-a Burger may be opening in a couple of weeks.

[December 21 update: According to the Burlington Patch, the new Spike's Junkyard Dogs and Stack-a Burger are now open in Burlington.]

In addition to its three locations in the Boston area, Spike's Junkyard Dogs can also be found in North Attleboro, Fall River, Providence, Cranston (which is where their headquarters are), Warwick, and Groton, CT. Their website is at http://www.spikesjunkyarddogs.com/

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