Thursday, September 01, 2011

Zo Is Opening a New Location in Boston's Financial District

It looks like a Greek takeout restaurant in Boston's Center Plaza is getting ready to open a second location of its eatery, with this one being in the nearby Financial District.

According to their Facebook page, Zo is planning to open on State Street, a few blocks east of its original location. Based on an earlier post on their page, the new spot may be opening in September, though whether it will be a takeout-only place like the Center Plaza location is not known at this time.

[December 19 update: According to their Facebook page, the new Zo on State Street is now open.]

Zo first opened in 2009, bringing to the Center Plaza/Government Center area a place to get soups, salads, stuffed grape leaves, gyros, pita wraps, and spinach pie. All items at Zo are well under $10, with a few being under $5.

The address for this new Greek dining spot in the Financial District is: Zo, 92 State Street, Boston, MA, 02109. The website for the original Zo can be found at

Thanks to a poster on the Chowhound site for bringing this to our attention.