Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Idle Hands Craft Ales Has Officially Launched Its Beers

A local "nanobrewery" has introduced its beers to the public, debuting them at a restaurant and bar in Cambridge.

According to the Chowder Blog of Boston Magazine, Idle Hands Craft Ales had an official launch of their beers at Atwood's Tavern on Cambridge Street earlier this week, with the Everett-based nanobrewery debuting four beers, including Pandora (a Belgian-style pale ale), Cognition (an Abbey-style session brown), Patriarch (a Belgian-style single), and Pandora "A" (another Belgian-inspired pale ale).

While it is not yet known which restaurants and bars will have their beers, a note within the website for Idle Hands indicates that they do hope to expand through the Boston area and beyond in the future, even though it appears that they will remain small in size for the time being. (Idle Hands is considered a nanobrewery in part because they brew only 1.5 barrels at a time as opposed to 15 or more barrels that some microbreweries brew.)

The website for Idle Hands Craft Ales can be found at