Monday, January 09, 2012

Food Truck Pilot Program Planned for Brookline

It appears that one of Boston's western neighbors could be home to a number of food trucks this year.

According to the Town of Brookline website, a Food Truck Pilot Program is currently in the planning stages, with several proposed sites for trucks shown within the community's website. The program is still in its early stages of planning, with the Board of Selectmen holding a public hearing tomorrow (Tuesday, January 10) at 8:00 PM at Town Hall on Washington Street to discuss vendor regulations and more concerning the program, which is slated to start this April.

[January 25 update: The Town of Brookline voted last night to officially launch the Brookline food truck pilot program in April, with locations for trucks to be announced. Applications for food trucks will be available starting today.]

A few of the proposed sites for food trucks include Beacon Street at Cleveland Circle, Skyline Park, Larz Anderson Park, Harvard Street at Auburn Street, and Commonwealth Avenue at St. Mary's Street by Boston University.

[February 10 update: Locations for the food trucks in Brookline have been finalized, with a map of the locations shown at the following Brookline Patch link: Selectmen Nail Down Food Truck Locations]

[March 6 update: The Brookline TAB reports that nine trucks have applied to be part of the Brookline Food Truck Pilot Program. The trucks are:
-- BBQsmith (barbecue)
-- Baja Taco Truck (Mexican)
-- Bon Me (Vietnamese)
-- Paris Creperie (crepes, smoothies)
-- Momogoose (Vietnamese)
-- Renula's Greek Kitchen (Greek)
-- The Cupcakory (cupcakes)
-- Pennypackers (eclectic)
-- Compliments (American)
For detailed information on these trucks, please go to the TAB link above.]

[April 11 update: The Board of Selectmen approved licenses for five food trucks last night--Baja Taco Truck, Compliments Food Truck, the Paris Creperie's Eiffel Tourer truck, Pennypackers, and the Renula's Greek Kitchen truck. It is possible that the first day for the trucks could be Tuesday, April 17.]

 [April 27 update: The Brookline Patch indicates that the Brookline Food Truck Pilot Program is now up and running, with the Paris Creperie's Eiffel Tourer truck being the first one to open for business (this has been confirmed via a Facebook photo).]

For more information on the Brookline Food Truck Pilot Program, please go to the Town of Brookline link below.

Brookline Mobile Food Vendor Pilot Program

Thanks to The Boston Globe for bringing this to our attention.

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