Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kitchen Nightmares Is Casting (and Wants to Hear from Boston)

A reality TV series that stars a celebrity chef is getting ready to cast for the next season, and the show is looking at the Boston area once again. Emails sent to us by producers of the show indicate that Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares is getting ready for Season 5 and, as was the case with Season 3, it is targeting Massachusetts, including Boston and surrounding communities. The show, which can be seen on Fox, has Chef Ramsay going around the United States to help revive troubled restaurants. In Season 3, Kitchen Nightmares featured Davide, an Italian restaurant in Boston's North End.

[January 17 update: Not a surprise, but it turns out that Boston is not the only city that is being looked at by Kitchen Nightmares for its new season. The states that Cleveland, Los Angeles, New York City, and Pittsburgh are also in the running. The article also mentions that eligible restaurants are required to have been open for at least one year, offer dinner service, not be a chain or a franchise, and have at least 35 seats.]

The show is in the process of taking applications and nominations--for more information, please go to the link below.

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