Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Liquor License Issued for...a Danvers Toy Store? Not Exactly...

The folks behind a toy store in Danvers are now the proud owners of a liquor license...more or less.

According to the Danvers Herald and Wicked Local, the owners of the Green Elephant Toy Store on Elm Street recently started receiving calls from people wondering why they had been given a liquor license. It turns out that restaurant businessperson John "Jack" Mammola was looking to reopen a now-closed eatery called Natalie's, with the original plan apparently being to move into the space where the toy store currently resides (the Green Elephant Toy Store opened last September). The article mentions that, according to a state representative, a final hearing came up on the restaurant shortly after the toy store opened and the owner "came to the hearing and testified on September 20 that he was going to open Natalie's...at 13 Elm Street. Mr. Mammola never communicated to me that 13 Elm Street was by then a toy store." The rep went on to say that "The liquor license is good for that location and only for Natalie's Incorporated...so the license cannot be transferred to another location or to another person." Mammola subsequently told the Salem Evening News that the planned new home for Natalie's is at 2 High Street.

So what does it all mean? Well, since beer and Elmo dolls don't exactly go hand in hand, the only thing for sure is that the license will not be used at 13 Elm Street for the foreseeable future.

For more information on this story, please go to the Danvers Herald/Wicked Local link below.

License for confusion: Plans for Natalie's Restaurant to return to Danvers on hold

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