Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shrine on the Boston Waterfront Will Be Called Empire Instead

It looks like the group behind several restaurants and nightclubs in the Boston area and Connecticut has decided to give one of their restaurants a new name--before it has even opened.

Based on the restaurant's website, Big Night Entertainment's upcoming Asian spot on the Boston waterfront is going to be called Empire. It had been reported earlier that the Fan Pier dining spot was going to be called Shrine (which is the same name as a restaurant of theirs at the Foxwoods casino in Connecticut), with the name being mentioned by several sources, including major newspapers in the Boston area.

Their website mentions that Empire is still planning to open sometime this summer.

[April 18 update: The Boston Herald is reporting that Empire is looking to open in June.]

The address for this upcoming Asian restaurant on the Boston waterfront is: Empire Asian Restaurant and Lounge, One Marina Park Drive, Boston, MA, 02210. Their website will be at http://bostonempire.com/

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