Monday, April 23, 2012

Pizzapalooza in Newton Has Closed; New England Soup Factory to Expand into Their Space

A restaurant in Newton that featured Sicilian-style and "palooza-style" pizza has closed, and a popular soup spot is going to be expanding into the vacated space.

The Newton Patch is reporting that Pizzapalooza on Needham Street is now shuttered, and that the adjacent New England Soup Factory will be taking over the space, allowing them to enlarge their restaurant. (The article mentions that Pizzapalooza, which had shut down their Hingham location last summer, closed their remaining location in Newton last month.) The expanded space will allow the New England Soup Factory to install a rotisserie oven, so expect marinated chicken to be added to the menu once the expansion is completed, according to the Patch. It appears that other items will be added as well, including "fresh and funky" dishes along with meals that have a home-cooked feel.

[December 31 update: A note sent to us from the restaurant indicates that New England Soup Factory has opened the rotisserie in the new space in Newton, which is connected to their original space. Offerings include an all-natural apple brined chicken that comes from a family farm in Pennsylvania and is marinated for 24 hours before spitting it on the rotisserie.]

The New England Soup Factory, which has been on Needham Street for 15 years, also has a location on Brookline Place in Brookline Village.

The address of the former Pizzapalooza space that the New England Soup Factory is expanding into is 244 Needham Street, Newton, MA, 02464.

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Blogger Jim Butler said...

I like N.E. Soup Factory and am happy for them. I also really liked Pizzapalooza. I was there a few weeks before they closed and they said they were hoping to reopen somewhere in Newton. Anyone know if/where/when?


3:43 PM  

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