Wednesday, April 18, 2012

To Beirut Is Opening in Norwood

A market in Norwood that focuses on Mediterranean food is going to be opening a Lebanese restaurant next door.

According to posters on today's Boston Globe food chat, Cedar's Market on Cottage Street in Norwood Center will open a dining spot adjacent to the market called "To Beirut" possibly in the next few weeks or so. Based on the foods that the market sells, expect a mix of Lebanese and Mediterranean fare at the new eatery, with some Greek items possibly offered as well (as soon as we see a menu for To Beirut, we will post an update here).

[June 13 update: According to a poster on this week's Boston Globe food chat, To Beirut is now open. Their menu includes such items as lamb tartare, grape leaves, chicken shawarma, hummus, beef tongue, kafta rollups, and tabouleh.]

Norwood is home to another Lebanese restaurant called Byblos, which is also in the center of town (on Washington Street).

The address for this dining spot in Norwood is: To Beirut, 15 Cottage Street, Norwood, MA, 02062. Their website can be found at