Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Kindred Is Opening in Somerville's Davis Square

[Ed note: This article was edited on May 9 and July 17 to reflect more information on the place, including a name given to it.]

It looks like the Davis Square section of Somerville may soon have a new bakery and cafe.

The Somerville Patch is reporting that the Square Nail Studio at 11 Holland Street has closed, with a note out front stating that the space is going to be renovated and a "unique green cafe and bakery" will be moving in. The Patch mentions that the Square Nail website says the new spot will be a "natural food bar/cafe," though no name has been given for the place, nor is there an expected opening date.

Thanks to Eater Boston for bringing this to our attention.

[May 9 update: A more recent article from the Somerville Patch indicates that the folks at Johnny D's (which is next door) are behind the new bakery and cafe. More information will likely be on the way over the coming days and weeks, so keep checking back for more updates.]

[July 17 update: Eater Boston reports that the new place from the Johnny D's people will be called Kindred, and it will be a breakfast and lunch spot that focuses on locally sourced vegetarian fare. Kindred will be mainly a takeout spot, though there will be a few seats available, and a caterer called Cuisine En Locale will be in charge of the food production, according to Eater Boston.]

[August 5, 2013 update: A new article from Eater Boston mentions that a "coming soon" sign is now in the window for Kindred, though it now says the spot will be a tea and tonic cafe. It is not known at this point whether Kindred will be serving vegetarian food for breakfast and lunch as had been mentioned earlier, so keep checking back for more updates.]

[August 5, 2013 update #2: The Restaurant Hub blog of the Boston Globe states that Kindred will indeed have vegetarian food as had been mentioned last summer, but that the place will focus more on beverages. It appears that Kindred could be opening in October, according to the article.]

[December 2, 2014 update: Eater Boston says that the retail section of Kindred (syrups, teas, shrubs, accessories, etc.) is now open, with the cafe itself opening in early 2015.]