Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Stockyard in Brighton Has Closed; Reopening Under New Ownership

[Ed note: This article was updated on August 3 and August 10 to reflect confirmation of a rumor about the restaurant.]

A popular restaurant in Brighton that features steak dishes along with other traditional American fare has closed its doors, and while the eatery states that it is undergoing renovations, there is a chance that the dining spot could be closed for good.

Universal Hub is reporting that the Stockyard on Market Street may have "gone to that great cattle drive in the sky," with a photo from yesterday evening showing a sign above the doors saying "Closed For Further Renovations--Hope to see you soon." The Adam's Hospitality & Tourism Industry Blog mentions that commenters on another page within the Universal Hub site said the steakhouse may have been sold to new owners, with the person behind West On Centre in West Roxbury possibly taking the space over. (This rumor has not been confirmed as of yet.)

[August 3 update: The above rumor has now been confirmed via Universal Hub. Michael Conlon, who owns West on Centre as well as The Paramount, the 21st Amendment, and the Blarney Stone, is planning to buy the Stockyard and reopen it under the same name. Next week, Conlon will be seeking permission from the Boston Licensing Board to purchase the restaurant's liquor license.]

[August 10 update: Universal Hub reports that the Boston Licensing Board has given Michael Conlon permission to buy the Stockyard's liquor license. In addition, the post mentions that Conlon is not looking at changing the restaurant all that much, as he states that "It's really just a turnkey transfer."]

[October 30 update: The Boston Globe is reporting that the deal for The Stockyard has been completed, with Conlon's Vineland Street Realty purchasing the place for $4,050,000.]

[February 14, 2013 update: According to their website, the Stockyard opens today at 4:30 PM. Thanks to a poster on Chowhound for letting us know about this.]

The Stockyard, which first opened about 40 years ago, has been known as a place to go for reasonably-priced steaks in a casual environment. Their menu has also included chicken and seafood dishes, along with pork chops, sandwiches, meatloaf, and more.

The address for the Stockyard is: The Stockyard, 135 Market Street, Brighton, MA, 02135. Their website is at